Coolant Fluids

November 19th, 2017 by

Coolant Fluids

Coolant fluids work in such a way that it transports heat from the car engine through the radiator where the air carries the heat away from the car. You need to perform services on your car's cooling system by replacing the old coolant with fresh coolants to enhance efficiency.

There exist many coolant fluids used in our vehicles this to include:

  • The engine coolants entails anti-freeze additives, water and anti-corrosive additives which are transported by a mechanical pump located inside the engine. Engine coolants aid your car engines from breaking down especially during cold or frozen weathers. The fluids also prevent your engines from corrosion thus improves your car performance.
  • The AC coolant is a different type of coolant. AC coolants help in enhancing the cool atmosphere in your car. The air coolant at times needs recharging due to both external and internal leak.

We offer you with quality check-up services to your air conditioners and coolant fluids with the aim of enhancing better performance. Visit us today to acquire these services.

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